Sunday, October 16, 2011


This very easy beetrave salad  or salade de betterave in French. I had learned to make this salad from my mother-in-law when  my husband and I stayed in her home on our holiday for a month in France. Simple, healthy and delicious which I like for our good starter for that day.

At the other side of street in front of her place, there is a big market every Sunday morning until mid-afternoon that I enjoyed so much. Cheeses, fresh meats, vegetables, fruits, clothes, shoes undergarments, grilled chicken, name it you will find it in there. I bought many dresses for myself with cheap price but mostly were good quality and beautiful as my type of dress.

We bought the beetroot we used for this salad at the big market. It's just freshly cooked and all we had to do was to cut then just add other ingredients and voila, it's ready.


3 to 4 pcs of beetroot, cooked
2 pcs of hard boiled eggs, sliced
2 pcs small black radish, peeled and sliced
good quality olive oil
1/2 bunch of green onion, chopped

Put all together in a large plate.Sprinkle some olive oil on the top. Make a design. Add salt and pepper for your choice of taste.
You can also use fresh beetroot, just boil it with oil,water and small amount of vinegar and a little sugar.

Bon Appetit!

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